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Swiss European Mobility Program (SEMP)

Swiss European Mobility Program (SEMP)

What is SEMP?

The Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ for higher education is called Swiss-European Mobility Programme SEMP. It gives Swiss higher education institutions the possibility to support students as well as teaching and administrative staff doing a study-, training- or teaching-mobility in Europe with funding.

Due to the results of the federal vote in 2014, negotiations between Switzerland and the EU regarding participation in the Erasmus program have been suspended. To ensure the continuity of mobility activities with the Erasmus+ program countries, the Swiss government decided to develop an interim solution for Erasmus+ supported by Swiss funding. This means that the Swiss government provides the funding for incoming and outgoing students, lecturers and staff. The Interim Solution for Erasmus+ for Higher Education is called Swiss-European Mobility Program (SEMP) and follows the precepts of Erasmus+.

Student exchange with partner universities will continue in the framework of the SEMP via bilateral exchange agreements. The conditions for participation in SEMP derive from those of the former Erasmus program.

OzU students who are interested in SEMP must follow specific steps. Students may find step by step introduction to the program and application process below.

SEMP (Swiss Institutions) applications and placements are evaluated under global exchange programsEach Fall Semester, OzU International Exchange Programs Office conducts information and sends informative emails to communicate the most up-to-date information about exchange programs and welcomes applications within the announced period.

The recommended exchange semester for OzU undergraduate students is typically the third year of their studies. Özyeğin students are not suggested to attend the exchange programs during their last term prior to graduation. First year students who have completed at least 30 credits with a CGPA 2.80 or above may apply for exchange programs. Upon submitting the application, eligible students will be interviewed by the Program Coordinators and the International Exchange Programs Office.

Students who have been successfully placed by the Faculty Jury must maintain CGPA 2.80 or above and complete 60 credits before departure. Placed applicants will be officially nominated by OzU International Exchange Programs Office to the host institutions. Only then, students will apply directly to the host institution as an exchange student. Applicants are responsible of following the deadlines, visa process, housing reservations, health insurance and etc. Students must demonstrate sufficient level of language proficiency in line with the requirements of partner institutions. 

Upon receiving the acceptance letter from the host institution, students must apply for a student visa. While the student visa application process is solely the responsibility of the applicant, OzU IEP will provide visa support letter for candidates.

For academic recognition, SEMP students must fill out the Learning Agreement (Study Plan) signed both by the host institution and Özyeğin University. The Learning Agreement guarantees the transfer and recognition of credits earned during exchange. Students must agree on a Learning Agreement with their Exchange Program Coordinators and receive approval before they depart for SEMP. Any changes made to the original study plan during the exchange period must be approved by the Program Coordinator. Transfer of credits earned during the exchange towards Özyeğin University graduation requirements can only be completed with the decision of the respective Faculty/School/Institute board decision after the official transcript from the host institution has been received.

Mobility Grants and Financial Info:
Outgoing exchange students pay their regular tuition at Özyeğin University and benefit from the tuition fee waiver at the host institution. Exchange students will be responsible of their personal expenses and living costs while studying abroad. Grants (all outgoing and incoming students) are paid by Switzerland via Movetia. Movetia is the Swiss agency for exchange and mobility. It is sponsored by the Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Exchanges and Mobility (SFAM). Please click here for detailed information. Please note that availability of the funding can not be guaranteed by OzU since SEMP funding is administrated by the Swiss side.

Conditions for the awarding of grants to students:

– For each cycle of studies (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD), one or more mobility opportunities of at least 3 months up to max. 12 months in total (studies and traineeship)

– Application for a mobility opportunity possible only before the start of the period to be spent abroad

– It is possible to extend the length of stay

 Doctoral students staying less than 3 months, but at least 60 days (minimum stay duration), receive a grant for three and a half months.

 A Green Travel Top Up of CHF 100.- will be given to the exchange students who take the train for their onward and return journey to Fribourg. 

 The total number (all faculties together) of incoming grants for an academic year cannot exceed the total number of outgoing grants for the same year. 

Process for SEMP Students

Before Exchange:
•(Global Exchange) Online Application at OzU
Interview with the OzU Faculty Juries
Partner Institutions’ Application Package
Finalizing the Learning Agreement
Submitting the Commitment Form
Language Proficiency Document 

During Exchange:
Receive approval from the OzU Program Coordinators for the course changes.

After Exchange:

  • Transcript of Records of the host institution. (They are usually directly sent by the partner institutions.)
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Credits succesfully obtained at the partner institution are transfered to OzU upon return. The final decision is taken by the respective OzU academic unit.

 Additional compulsory mobility documents can be required by the receiving Swiss institution. These may include the following:

1. Declaration of Honour: Signed by the students. With this document, the end beneficiary confirms that he/she has received the funding and will use it appropriately and, if the stay is discontinued, will make a reimbursement. 
2. Learning Agreement: Agreement among students, home and host university. Essential and integral part of the mobility, ensures accreditation of the study achievements made abroad.
3. Final Report: Duty of the end beneficiaries to submit report to the home university after the end of the period spent abroad. Provides information about the quality and experiences and is used for statistical purposes. Own format must contain all information requested in the Movetia template.
*The Certificate of Attendance can be used as a mobility document