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  • Ağu29

    Title: Unveiling (In)Vulnerability in an Adolescent’s Consumption Subculture: A Framework to Understand Adolescents’ Experienced (In)Vulnerability and Ethical Implications Abstract: Consumer (in)vulnerability is studied via a quasi-ethnographic...

  • Ağu27

    Title: Is there a bubbly euphoria in the Turkish Housing Market?   Abstract: The aim of the study is to test the algorithmic bubble model as proposed in Pitros and Arayici (2016) into the case of Turkey, with the view to assess whether the Turkish...

  • Ağu07

    Title: Supervisor Incivility as an Identity Threat: The Moderating Role of Individual Honor Orientation   Abstract: The majority of research on workplace incivility has been conducted in the North American context, which is described as a...