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SEC 201/203 Introduction to Sectors

SEC 201/203 Introduction to Sectors


Course Objective:

To expose students to various sectors and industry dynamics in order to increase their awareness about sectors and career paths based on their major in different fields and areas.

Course Description:

SEC 201 deepens students’ knowledge of professional life and industry profile in each of the following eleven sectors:

  • Retail & E- Commerce
  • Consumer Goods (FMCG & Durables)
  • Social Services
  • Leisure, Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Agency & Professional Services
  • Consultancy
  • Healthcare Services
  • ICT (Technology, Media, Telecom)
  • Energy
  • Industrials

Students are not only provided with sectoral information, but they are also equipped with tools and skills to find and interpret most relevant and up to date industry data. Sectoral information is provided by expert guest speakers from different sectors via sectoral briefings, as well as online tools i.e. sector-related videos, e-books, academic papers and news.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, the learners are expected to be able to:

  • Define the current state of each sector together with major trends, problem areas and main players within that sector
  • Describe the business structures of each sector nationally, regionally and globally
  • Demonstrate a keen understanding of the sectors closest in terms of strategic business environment with special emphasis on evaluating entrepreneurial activities
  • Analyze personal and professional networks for possible connections in each sector, networking style, and alternative approaches to professional relationship
  • Relate personal value system and the professional style of each sector to help them identify the sector of their choice over the third and fourth year of their studies

Student Comments: