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SEC 402 Business Integration

SEC 402 Business Integration


To integrate knowledge from different functional areas (accounting, finance, operations, marketing, strategy, and organization), and apply it into a simulated global business environment.

Course Description:

SEC 402 is a business integration course that makes use of a business simulation game. It is the closest students will come to running a large business in a controlled environment. It involves the integrated application of the functional theories, methods, and concepts acquired during the first three years of the BA/BSc program in a simulated global business context. The course covers the simultaneous analysis of and integrated decisions on competitive strategy, new product development, marketing, accounting, finance, operations (production, distribution), organization and human resources management, corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, the learners are expected to be able to:

  • Apply their knowledge and skills to different functional areas of business (accounting, finance,operations, marketing, strategy, and organization)
  • Interpret the interactions between those functional areas in a simulated business environment
  • Evaluate the competitive, economic, and social responsibility aspects of a global business
  • Take action based on large amounts of business and competitive information
  • Report on decisions to be made in the functional areas of business, on the interactions between the functional areas, and on the competitive strategy aspects of the game
  • Solve complex business problems in a simulated global business environment

Student Comments: