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SEC 406 Technology and Innovation - A Multidisciplinary Perspective

SEC 406 Technology and Innovation - A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Educational Objective:

First objective is developing a multidisciplinary innovative thinking at a personal level. Next objective is incorporating innovation in new technology development. This course aims to teach innovative thinking, ways of coming up with new ideas, and incorporating into profitable products. In addition, the course teaches technology management.

Course Description:

Topics include importance of technological innovation, innovation resources, types and patterns of innovation, hurdles in innovation, timing of entry, defining the organization's strategic direction, choosing innovation projects and path, collaboration strategies in strategic innovation and technology management, protecting innovation, organizing for innovation, managing the new product development process, managing new product development teams, and crafting a deployment strategy for technology.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain basic problems and expectations in technological innovation
  • Describe how to develop innovative thinking in an organization with a multidisciplinary perspective
  • Explain ways of protecting innovation
  • Apply techniques for innovation and productization