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SEC 101 Introduction to University

SEC 101 Introduction to University

What is SEC 101?

Although SEC 101 course has been defined as a 1-credit compulsory course that introduces the university operations and opportunities to students and facilitates their adaptation to the university, the course has evolved into a larger structure beyond this definition, thanks to valuable contributions by our academicians, student support professionals, and peer advisors. That is why we continue to develop our existing programs under SEC 101 and expand the networks of learning opportunities, interactions, and activities. Thanks to the developments in the field of online learning, we are able to offer our students a wider range of quality content without time and space constraints, create a qualified learning depository for our students' needs using our techno-pedagogical framework, and better evaluate the learning outcomes of our programs in the first year by using the evaluation tools we have developed.

SEC 101 course has been designed to be taken in two semesters; students who complete 80 out of 100 points and perform the tasks defined as M (Must) are considered successful in the course. Students who cannot achieve 80 points in their first year (two semesters) can transfer the completed modules to the next academic semester, and they can repeat the modules from which they got low scores. You can access the syllabus of the SEC 101 course here.

Course Content:

Objectives of SEC 101 Course

To guide students to know the resources, faculties, colleges, and units that will contribute to their development in the social and academic environment; to offer a basic level of literacy in order for them to benefit from the resources properly and efficiently; to guide them in acquiring self-management skills to ensure their academic and social development; and to ensure that they acquire the principles and values that constitute the OzU identity correctly.

Components and Outcomes of SEC 101 Course

OzU Reflect Module

As part of the OzU Reflect Module, the students of SEC 101 course are required to attend 6 (six) seminars delivered by faculties, colleges, and units of our university. In addition, they must complete the "Note-Taking Exercise" within the period set on the LMS. With this exercise, students improve their note-taking skills using note-taking methods and skills that provide personalized and adaptive content through artificial intelligence.

The outcomes of SEC 101 Introduction to University Life Course's OzU Reflect Module are listed below:

  • Recognizing the transdisciplinary approach.
  • Becoming aware of global issues of various disciplines.
  • Becoming aware of global competencies.
  • Distinguishing effective note-taking methods.

OzU Way Module

The OzU Way Module includes an orientation program that aims at SEC 101 students’ faster adaptation to campus life, three-stage Peer Advisor interviews, and individual/group presentations conducted by the 360 Advising Office (AO). Peer Advisors evaluate the interviews they hold with SEC 101 Students using a mini rubric. The main purpose here is to enable students to participate in the process with their cognitive presence rather than just physical presence, to improve their cognitive presence and thus to improve the quality of the interviews. Moreover, students have the opportunity to get to know the units and resources within our university through individual interviews/group presentations delivered by the 360 Advising Office. The quality of the interview is measured by a quiz prepared in collaboration with OLTE by the specialists at the 360 Advising Office.

The outcomes of SEC 101 Introduction to University Life Course's OzU Way Module are as follows:

  • Recognizes the university’s resources, units, faculties, and colleges, which will support students in their academic and social lives and facilitate their adaptation process.
  • Distinguishes the definition, aims, and objectives of the SEC 101 Introduction to University Life course.

OzU Pack Module

In the OzU Pack Module, the following training programs are provided in chronological order taking into account the basic needs of the students who are transitioning to university life:

  • OzUTechKnowledgy: It aims to provide students with the basic information they will need about the applications and software (LMS, Zoom, MyOzU, SC, etc.) used in our university.
  • Netiquette: It aims to introduce the rules of courtesy in online environments to the students and to raise their awareness about this issue.
  • Digital Ethics and Responsibilities: It aims to raise awareness among students about digital citizenship and digital ethics.
  • Library: It aims to provide basic information to enable students to use school resources, online databases, and library resources efficiently.
  • Safe Life and Environment: It aims to provide students with awareness and basic information on emergency and health, environmental sustainability, and safe life.
  • CV Preparation: It aims to provide students with basic rules to be considered when creating CVs to enable them to prepare CVs that make a difference.
  • OzU Values and Principles: It aims to make students aware of the OzU values and principles and create an OzU student identity by internalizing these values throughout their university life.
  • Law/Fundamental Rights: It aims to raise the awareness of students about the fundamental rights and freedoms they have during their university life.
  • Social Gender Equality: It aims to raise awareness about the students' relationships with the OzU Code of Ethical Conduct, as well as the basic concepts of gender equality among students.

The outcomes of the OzU Pack Module are as follows:

  • Recognizes the physical and online resources of the university.
  • Recognizes human resources and units that will contribute to their academic and social development on campus.
  • Gains the basic literacy to use the resources in the university efficiently and appropriately.
  • Distinguishes the basic rules of courtesy that must be followed in online environments.
  • Recognizes the core values and principles that make up the OzU Identity.
  • Recognizes the legal and ethical basis of the rules that he/she needs to know about campus life.

How Can OzU Members Contribute to the SEC 101 Course?

As part of SEC 101 Course's OzU Reflect Module, the instructors of OzU can contribute by offering seminars and/or workshops on topics and issues that will contribute to students' development of trans-disciplinary knowledge and insight. OzU Members can contribute to the OzU Reflect Module by filling in this form. The instructors who contribute to the OzU Reflect module should fill in our trans-disciplinary template.

OLTE has identified a techno-pedagogical roadmap to consider for both face-to-face and asynchronous seminars. Accordingly, we state that we can always support the distinguished OzU Members, and we kindly request you to visit us (next to the Central Dining Hall) or contact us via olte@ozyegin.edu.tr before designing a training session and seminar. Techno Pedagogical Roadmap for Training Sessions and Seminars under SEC 101 Course You can view the techno-pedagogical framework of OLTE through the link.