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SEC 405 Artificial Intelligence: Impact on Humanity, Society and Business

SEC 405 Artificial Intelligence: Impact on Humanity, Society and Business

Course Objective:

To introduce students to human, societal and business impacts of Artificial Intelligence, as well as to equip them with the basic historical and philosophical background, intellectual tools, legal/ethical foundations and psychological framework to successfully adapt to the age of artificially intelligent technologies.

Course Description:

Sec 405 pursues a cross-disciplinary investigation of the effects of emerging technologies of Artificial Intelligence, with an emphasis on its societal impacts. A variety of issues are covered, including an overview and history of Artificial Intelligence, the philosophical and ethical problems raised by it, the legal, social, economic, political and psychological impact of AI, and the future challenges posed by the new technologies. It is advised that prospective students already have some basic background in statistics and/or programming.

Learning Objectives:

Completing this course, students are expected to be able to;

  • Discuss the history, and general principles of Artificial Intelligence
  • Discuss legal, social, political, and economic impacts of Artificial Intelligence on society
  • Discuss potential future benefits and challenges posed by an application of Artificial Intelligence from the perspectives of a number of disciplines
  • Report the results of these discussions
  • Propose a solution to a problem arising from Artificial Intelligence