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Practice Trace Example

Practice Trace Example

Test of Readiness for Academic English (TRACE)

This exam will test your ability to read, listen to, and write academic English. The schedule for the exam is as follows. You can download samples for each section. Please open the files in numerical order.

  PART 1
This part of the exam is to help you start thinking about the topic for the exam.
Please click to download this part.
This part is NOT GRADED.
  PART 2 (30%)
In this part of the exam, you will read texts on a general topic.
Please click to download this part.
There are 4 sections in this part:
Section 1: 2 short texts,
Section 2: 1 medium length text
Section 3: 1 longer text
Section 4: comparing or contrasting 2 or more of the texts from sections 1-3

PART 3 (30%)

There are 2 sections in this part:

 Section 1:

Please click to download Lecture 1 questions and note taking sheet

Please click to download Lecture 2 questions and note taking sheet.                                                             

Listening to lecture 1 (please click to download Lecture 1 audio file) and note-taking  

Listening to lecture 2 (please click to download Lecture 2 audio file) and note-taking

Section 2: Listening to 1 short conversation (please click to download conversation) and answering questions (please click to download questions) while listening

  PART 4 (40%)
In this part of the exam, you will write an extended paragraph of about 250 words.
Please click to download this part.
You will have a total of 60 minutes to write it, including:
   - 5 minutes planning
   - 50 minutes writing
   - 5 minutes editing

Please click to download for ANSWER KEY