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ScOLa İş Olanakları

ScOLa İş Olanakları

School Of Languages (ScOLa) Instructors

ScOLa instructors are responsible for delivering an effective curriculum focused on language and academic skills. They need to be able to: operate in a context of innovation; work as part of a team of highly competent professionals and foster a supportive and collegial environment; achieve high standards of curriculum delivery and learning outcomes; evaluate learning reliability ; and, help develop the whole person needs of students, including critical thinking, study skills, and academic confidence.

Application Process

The application process works differently for local and international candidates.

Local candidates (Turkish citizens) are subject to YÖK (Higher Education Council) procedures. Therefore, they are expected to apply for the job only after seeing the ScOLa job advertisement on the webpage and they are to follow the procedures indicated there.    
International candidates can fill in the application form below and send it to scola.recruiting@ozyegin.edu.tr any time throughout the academic year; however, their application is screened only when the new recruitment season on.  

ScOLa Job Application Form

To download ScOLa Job Application Form please click on here.

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